aircon needs your maintanance

The heat from the sun, which is added to the heat normally generated by search engines, can strain our air conditioning systems, as hot electrical parts are more likely to fail. So it is not surprising that on a popular day, a function can fail when you need it most. Doing some aircon troubleshooting will help prevent such failures. Keeping your air conditioner clean and cleaning or changing the air filter when necessary will help maintain the unit’s operating temperature downstream, which will help maintain its temperature when summer comes.

Capacitors send a shock to start an engine or send a shock to keep an engine running. They work with the compressor, the mill motor, and even the external air conditioner fan. Sometimes the air conditioner condensers may discharge and not do their job properly. If you are in this situation, you need to repair them. Here are the steps to overcome this problem.

Aircon repair

Start by Turning Off the Power

First, make sure you know how to turn off the air conditioner. Do not move if you do not. Power the unit through the disconnect panel or switch, which must be installed outside the house a few meters from the outdoor condensing unit. It is almost always a good idea to check the capacity of the unit once it has been successfully turned off using a circuit breaker. In one part of the report, there is a great example of a reliable and very economical circuit alarm device.

Find and Inspect the Capacitor

After disconnecting power to the insulator: You can remove the backing plate from the air conditioner. Then locate the starting capacitor (most likely it will be silver, either round or circular and with many teeth through the best for wire connections). In the long term, analyze the capacitor’s surface to which the tines are attached and ask yourself: Does this surface appear enlarged or curved?

One tell-tale sign that a capacitor is accepted is its shape. After a capacitor burns, its top surface is pushed up or blown up at least 95% of the time, and it easily looks like a bang-bang can that sometimes explodes. Is this what you see? If that’s true, that’s good news, and we’ll probably get you back on your feet right away.

Discharge the Power in the Capacitor

You have turned off the air conditioner’s power supply, but you must post the capacitance on the condenser. The capacitor may still have power ready to fire. If you touch two of these unit’s capacity hand at the same time, this energy will discharge and you will get a shocking experience. Throwing away an undischarged capacitor may cause a fire in the trash can.

Dismount the Old Capacitor

Your old capacitor has been removed, and you have reconfirmed that there is no power in the area where you will probably operate your circuit breaker (first), and you are ready to remove it. This is very simple. The capacitor is probably attached to the unit by a metal ring with a single screw to remove it.

Noting Down How the Wires Connect

So before removing the wires from the old capacitor, be sure to create a diagram or label showing which wires go where.

Disconnect the Old Capacitor

This may prevent you from touching another terminal, or the clamp may slip and hit you in the face area. Please don’t laugh, I’ve seen it. It’s all here. Now all you have to do is get the perfect replacement component and put it back in, since you removed it.

Choosing a Replacement

There are only two or three points that you probably need to understand when looking for your new capacitor. The capacitor’s shape and size are not really crucial as they could change and do the job. Your mounting bracket will probably be bent to fit a part to another shape. Just know what the micro-Farad airplane needs to be to fit exactly. The tension value doesn’t have to be the same.

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