If you do not live in a ground floor apartment or do not have built-in air conditioning, summer means you have a very hot apartment all year round. It is probably not a bad guess that your lease will not allow you to walk through walls to install air conditioning. As an alternative, you can use a little creativity to keep your apartment cool, or maybe also you can keep home cool during summer with these ideas. Here I gave you my tips to cool your apartment during summer without using any air conditioning. Here we go.


Use Curtains

If you have curtains on the windows, remember to close them after your daily departure. Keeping direct sunlight out of your home is a great process to reduce the incoming heat. If your lease allows you to make minor changes to your walls, you should consider installing heavy dark curtains. It is easy to install a curtain rod directly on the wall with the help of a friend.

Cool off With Night Fresh Air

If you have received a windowsill, boxing fans work very well with it. If possible, start several windows to get an excellent design. Be sure to open the windows at the ends of the apartment to ensure free air circulation. If the outside temperature does not drop significantly, be sure to open the windows and turn the fans outwards. This way, you can eliminate at least some of this warm air from being trapped in your home.

If you are concerned about security, it is easy enough to block the window by opening it wide enough to accommodate one person. Just block the way to the window with something, like a wooden hanger or a bar. It will leave the windows open at night, and you will feel protected. You can buy window caps that work very well and are easy to install. It is very important to consider this step if your house is on the ground.

Apply More Fans

fansEven if the fans don’t lower the temperature (they raise it slightly), they contribute wonderfully to the air circulation, making you feel fresher and refreshed. Ceiling fans are great for circulation, but you are out of luck if you are not allowed to install one at home. Fortunately, your local home improvement store will offer a wide selection of high quality and affordable products for lovers in different versions.

If you have ceiling fans in your home, you should make sure that they run counterclockwise throughout the summer. This will encourage the cold to settle in and you can feel the heat without affecting the warmth of the room.

Keep Your Fridge Closed

Keep the refrigerator and freezer tightly closed and turn them on when you really need them. If the fridge and freezer are more difficult to make than normal by opening them frequently, the atmosphere above the appliances will rise. Think about what you would like to remove before you start. You can also make a list of the contents of your refrigerator and freezer to avoid unnecessary opening.

Keep Your Lights Off

Bulbs, especially incandescent and halogen bulbs, can generate a surprising amount of heat. This is especially true for smaller rooms, but also for residential units on the upper floor. Turn off the light if you think that natural light is sufficient or do not need it.

I also suggest you switch to LED bulbs. Usually, this will prevent your home from overheating due to excessive electricity consumption and save you some money on your electricity bill.

Use Portable Air Conditioning Units

Although window air conditioners are not as sterile as a real air conditioning system, there are many different market alternatives. If you have windows from top to bottom, you have many convenient air conditioner options. Most normal window elements fit into the bottom window and frame.

Most of the cellular components are less effective as window parts, and also cost much more. Unlike window elements, cellular elements are located on the floor. These air conditioners use an exhaust pipe to direct hot air from the apartment to the outside. They also remove water from the hot air. With most portable air conditioners, you will need to remove this water regularly, as with this unit, from a faucet or water source.…